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AJAGBA Ondo State Nigeria (Places)

 AJAGBA Ondo State Nigeria (Places)
Ode Ajagba, simply Ajagba  is the second largest town in Irele Local council area of Ondo State.The Town is ruled by a Monarch (king) who has chiefs and Baales that helps in coordinating the affairs of the town.

Ajagba monarch is referred to as Ahaba, the name of the current Monarch is Thomas Oluwole Adesayo (from Fayo clan) .

 Ajagba has two ruling (main) clan, the Fayo, said to have migrated from Delta State while other record has it that Fayo forefather, Ifakoye the father of kensele whom happened to be the father of Fayo migrated from Ile-Ife together with olugbo (Ilaje) who's elder brother to Ifakoye, and the second
ruling house Gbogbologho (the famous of all) while Gboroye one of the founding clan assumes the position of a monarch in an acting capacity i.e Regent (Adele) after the death of a monarch before another king is chosen from either of the two ruling house.
 '''The major clan in Ajagba are''':

other clan are: Awotale, breakaway from Gboroye clan,
 Akingboju, a breakaway tribe from Fayo,
    Natural Resources available in this town, Petroleum and Bitumen.
        '''The main occupation of the people is farming'''
Ajagba has two markets; Oja Oba and Oja Ode and the Famous river is Eri Ogolo named after a Delta man who settled near the river from his teen age till around 2002.
The festivals in the town are:
Eje (Each family(clan) celebrates this festival for seven days), Ojoye'jusu (Yam Festival), Awere, are the major festival in the town. Ajagba, like other Yoruba land is known to have a deity called eminale or oro which is marked yearly, apart from that, some of the indigent also worship Sango(god of thunder), Ogun(god of iron), Oluweri(god of river) and each clan also have shrine.

Place of worship in the town are; A Mosque close to Oja Oba market, the mosque is the third building sited before the market and after former NURTW office, now the home of one of the children of late monarch (Elumaro); An Anglican Church (Saint Peter's Anglican Church Ode Ajagba- Built By the late Jackson Okunfolami(Jocecco) opposite the Only Primary Health Care; Catholic Church, Christ Apostolic Church CAC, Methodist Church, C&S's, Celestial and Redeem Christian Church Of God (RCCGM).
The town has only one Government secondary school(Jowiri comprehensive High School, named after the first monarch) which is poorly funded by the government, Four govt Primary school (C.A.C, Catholic(RCM), L.A and Methodist) with three private secondary schools, 4 private Nursery and Primary School.
The town has well tied road to Agadagba, the road was constructed by late the Olusegun Agagu government in partnership of Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC). There has been no power supply in the town since late 2009.
The only business in that area apart from farming are' Water production 'industry'''fueling station

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