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Federal University of Agriculture Erects Billboard To Announce Banning Of Muslim Niqab, Immoral Dressings (PICS)

The management of the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUNAAB) has erected a billboard to announce the banning of immoral dressing including the muslim niqab, short skirt, etc.
They struck a big blow to her peaceful Muslim students and questioned their religious tenets around 12pm on Monday, 16th October, 2017, when the billboard of ban against the Niqab (face veil) worn by some Muslim females was erected.
At the sight of the board, different writings which angered Muslim students were seen flying all around the media condemning the act of the university for demeaning the image of Islam and it’s worshipers.
The picture of a Muslim lady in veil is placed clearly at the center of other immoral pictures of a tattooed lady, and of nude and immodest dressings.
It seems, although, that this alone could have passed a lot of hate messages from the school to the Muslim veil users, it is the writing contained in the board that was most alarming, “FUNAAB detests lousy/immoral dressing. The way you dress is the way you are addressed.”

Reports gathered are that on sighting the billboards, the Muslim students in the university got angry and almost put laws into their hands until the MSSN Amir intervened.
It was also learnt the some of the students, especially female Muslims burst into tears on sighting the billboard on the university campus and social media.
As if the online reactions were not enough, some set of unidentified students were seen in front of the school gate early in the evening snapping the billboard and discussing the baselessness of it.
In an interview with a student, who maintained anonymity, it was gathered that there had been ‘several occurrences of injustice against the Muslim sisters long before now and recently, a circular which is unfavorable to the law-abiding sisters was circulated by the school.
He said:
“These sisters of ours have been victimized and have been trampled upon. I want to believe that the Christian Ruling University is bent on initiating a religious crisis because how on earth will it be accepted that one’s religion be tagged as immoral and lousy while represented among a series of obscene pictures?”

Read more at https://madailygist.ng/federal-university-of-agriculture-erects-billboard-to-announce-banning-of-muslim-niqab-immoral-dressings-pics/#Xv6kyv2yICD1stYI.99

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