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Davido’s girlfriend, Chioma Dumps School After Getting 'Assurance'

Davido echoed in  ‘Assurance’ :”Love is sweet o, when money enter, love is sweeter”. This perhaps is the reason why Chioma Avril, Davido’s girlfriend is assured that her romance with Davido will end with her walking down the aisle
Chioma’s family is not quite pleased with her relationship with Davido because it is affecting her education.
Vanguard reports that, Chioma’s father, who is a devout Seventh Day Adventist is not particularly pleased that his daughter has not been serious with her studies.
The chef who is deeply in love with  Davido gained admission into Babcock University (a Seventh Day Adventist school) to read economics in 2012 is yet to graduate, when she should have completed the course since 2016.  According to reports, Chioma, once skipped a whole session because she was traveling around with Davido and had to defer her studies.
Her friends in school  said she is not interested in coming back to Babcock .It was also gathered that
her father has had a strict talk with her that she must finish school before embarking on any marriage plans.
In addition, her parents are pained  that their daughter has dumped her education in the pursuit of love. Everyone knows Davido treats Chioma like he is already married to her. From dedicating a song to her ‘Assurance’ and giving her Porsche as a birthday gift, it is difficult for her not to be swayed by the richer life and  fame Davido has given to her.

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