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Ekiti Governorship Election 2018 Result, A Scam And Display Of Ignorance In The Business Of Rigging:

Elections observers and the electorates in just concluded elections have rejected the result of the governorship election of 14th July 2018, saying they have series of video evidence of rigging, multi voting and mutilation of result sheets by Inec Officials and Security Operatives.

Also PDP and Coalition of United Political Parties - CUPP have rejected the result because of conflicting figures as shown below in this simple calculation;

TOTAL VOTES CAST......316,019
TOTAL OF 2 PARTIES.... 375,573
Now the question is,
1. If the Total Votes Cast is 316,019 and the Total Votes allotted to both APC and PDP by INEC Officials is 375,573, where is the balance of 59,554 from ?
That is;
VOTES OF 2 PARTIES ...375,573
TOTAL VOTES CAST......316,019
BALANCE VOTES..............59,554
2. What happened to the votes of other political parties that participated in the July 14th governorship elections in Ekiti State ?
The above questions and more are likely to raise their ugly heads at the Governorship Elections Tribunal as PDP, CUPP and other political parties had gathered evidences both videos and prints. And they had employed the services of other Twenty Five (25) Senior Advocates for the legal battle at Ado-ekiti.

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