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I always wear hijab when killing my victims – 20-year-old cultist

A 20-year-old cultist, Maryam Abiola, has confessed to killing at least four persons.
The member of the Eiye confraternity, who was arrested by operatives of the Lagos State Police Command, said she killed her victims based on the directives of the cult leader in her area, Sodiq Oyewunmi, who is 24 years old.
Abiola, who laughed all through her chat with newsmen, said she wears her flowing robe, popularly called jalamia, and hijab whenever she wanted to kill for the cult group.
She said: “I do help the cult group to kill people.
“I just killed four persons for them. “I kill with gun because Sodiq’s group used to give me gun if I am going for mission. “They also taught me how to shoot the gun.
“They do give me N10,000 for each killing mission I carried out for them.
“If they have a place for me to go, they will send for one of their friends who brings guns for the mission. Again, they will give me the picture of the person to be killed.
“I have followed them for only four missions. The first mission was in Fadeyi area of Lagos.
“The rest were in Ilasamaja area, where I stay. “I ran to Lagos to get job.
“When I came, I was staying at Aje Street in Ilasamaja.
“Later, I left the place to Ogunbowale Street, where I met Sodiq.
“From there, he was helping me by giving me money until he initiated me into their cult group.
“I do feel very sad anytime I kill. “I always wear white jalamia when I enter a place to kill somebody.
“People around will not suspect that I am there for any mission. “They even think that I came to check up somebody. “Then, I will have access to the place where my target is and do my job.
“After killing the person, I will go away from the place into hiding for some time.

“I was with the group because of money they are giving me. “It is Sodiq that taught me how to use the gun to kill.” Abiola was arrested alongside Oyewunmi, 24; Ihioma Emeka, 25; Adio Ogunremi, 40; Abdulrasak Yusuf, 32; Ironka Junior, 22; Segun Ademola, 35; and  Anu Akinowo, 21.
Oyewunmi, however, said he does not know Abiola.
He said they do not initiate “little girls” into their group. “I don’t know her and I don’t know anything she saying.“All what she is saying is not how we operates.
“I am seeing her for the time today. “We don’t use any girl to fight each other because if we want to fight, we will fight each other face to face.
“We can never send a girl to kill anybody for the group.
“Rather, we fight one on one.
“It is always revenge that leads cult groups to fight.
The Commissioner, Lagos State Police Command, Edgal Imohimi, who paraded the suspects, said detectives from the Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad, Lagos Police Command carried out the arrest.
Imohimi said they arrested the suspects with two live cartridges and two locally made revolver pistols with 9mm ammunition.
He added: “During investigation, the suspect Sodiq confessed to be a member of secret cult group known as Eiye confraternity.
“He further stated that during their cult activities, his brother named Waheed Oyewunmi was shot dead by the rival cult group called Aiye confraternity, led by the said Ihioma, whom he alleged, pulled the trigger of the gun that killed his brother.
“Upon interrogation, Ihioma admitted to killing Waheed during a revenge mission on Eiye members that allegedly killed one of the members by name Michael at Okomola area of Ilasamaja.
“Ihioma further stated that his group decided to kill Sodiq’s brother when all efforts to kill Sodiq failed.”
According to Imohimi, investigations led to the arrest of Adio Ogunremi of 9, Godwin Omonus Street, Ilasamaja, an herbalist and one of the sponsors of Eiye confraternity, and Abdulrasak Yusuf, who is the armourer that keeps the guns as well as dangerous weapons for the Aiye group.
He said: “This morning (yesterday) July 23rd, the Divisional Police Officer, Ilasamaja Station, SP Oriyomi Oluwasanmi, arrested one Maryam Abiola, 20, a member of Eiye confraternity who is the arms keeper to her group members and confessed to have personally killed four people.
“She further revealed that she is under oath administered to her by herbalist Adio Ogunremi, who is also being paraded today.
“They all work for the blood thirsty cultist, Sodiq Oyewunmi already in police net.
“She also revealed that the box of arms was given to one Wasiu who is now on the run.

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