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I met my wife in a club- DJ Jimmy Jatt

Nigeria’s influential DJ and entertainer, DJ Jimmy Jatt shocked his fans when recently when he revealed that he met his wife in a night club.
The highly acclaimed DJ made this known in a chat with Punch.
According to him: “We met at a party. Where else should a DJ meet a lady? Also, don’t mind the Yoruba who say “a wife you meet in a dance house will later dance away.” It is a big lie. My friend met his wife in the church and she is gone. I met mine at a party, we danced and we are still dancing. When you tell people you met a girl in the club, they would have a wrong impression of her. But the club is not the devil’s place of hangout; it is just a fun place.”
 When asked how he convinced her to marry him, the DJ said :“It was a progression. I dated my wife for six years before we got married. We never planned to get married from the start. When we met, I was very young. I was 22. I thought she was pretty and she thought I was sociable. Before we knew it, we had spent years together”.

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