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OAP Misi Molu Challenge Tiwa Savage To Prove That She Begged Her For Money

Reacting to her utterance, Tiwa Savage wrote on Instagram:  “Wow! They beg you for money today and talk trash tomorrow because it’s not personal; they’re just doing their job, abi?”

Drama ensued on social media over the week when Misi Molu, a certain radio presenter stated in her interview that she preferred Yemi Alade’s vocal range to that of Tiwa Savage. Her utterance triggered a myriad of opinions on social media.
In another post, she stated, “Celebrities are human o. You can’t beg for money then talk trash and expect me to not catch feelings. Like, are you serious? Next time you think of sliding in my DM asking for money or anything; remember your personal opinion and miss me with your BS.”
In a chat with Punch, the controversial presenter dared Tiwa Savage to provide proof that she begged her for money.
She said: “Personally, I don’t believe she was talking about me. But if she is, she needs to show evidence to that fact. The situation has been blown way out of proportion than what the intentions of the discussion were actually meant to be. People are giving it way too much credence.”

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