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The criminal who turned to 'Christ'- story of how they rob the children of God in the name of anointing oil

Mr. Gbesan is from the ancient city of Kuluso, the city connecting Ekuro Roo'do with Arese community. He attended Oba Yorimade school and graduated with a beautiful result and went ahead to complete his secondary school education, he followed the same trend and never let his parents down, he was appointed both the Senior prefect and health prefect in his school. .
Gbesan parents were a big shot as a Cocoa farmer, who cherished education and want their first son to go to Harvard University and come back home to establish his own hospital, to cement the legacy of the family and the charity work his father founded but Gbesan chose to be a criminal.
    After his secondary school, he decided not to further his education despite his exploit and his excellent result, he organised his 6 men and a woman gang. They both relocated to Ibadan where they continued their bloody robbery, they were invincible and terrorise both the rich and the poor, politicians and police, Pastors and Herbalists, Terrorists and Imam. fierce, brutal and deadly in their operation.
Years later, Gbesan got married to the only female(Ada) in the gang, they had twin and never see themselves backing out of the lucrative business of robbery, then eight month after the birth of their twin, he decided to go and rob a bank along Dugbe road with his wife, leaving other members of the gang behind, unlucky for him, his wife was shot while boarding the vehicle after robbery, Gbesan was able to get his wife inside the vehicle but she died on her way home.
Years later, he married another young lady and relocated to Lagos, leaving his gang in Ibadan.
Gbesan bought two hectares  of land and found a church, he called the name of the church 'The Hidden Place'.
Mr. Gbesan became a big person and became a household name but nobody care to know his past, his conversion and his family background.
Gbesan called his 'former' gang and have branches everywhere.
They ask the people to pay dollars for anointing oil. they don't need gun to rob the the children of God. They are robbing God and His Children 

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