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Deji Adeyanju Has Spent 55 Days In Kano Prison, Free Him Now

The police in Abuja on December 13, 2018 arrested and detained Deji Adeyanju again briefly after he was released.
It was learnt that the police are demanding to establish the conclusion of a murder trial involving Mr Adeyanju in the mid and late 2000s.
“They are holding him at the Inspector-General of Police Monitoring Unit over a murder case from his university days,” Mr Atoye said.
  But on December 21, 2018, a Chief Magistrate’s Court in Kano remanded Adeyanju in prison until February 6, 2019 after taking his plea and concluding that it lacked jurisdiction to hear murder charges against the political activist.
Adeyanju was reportedly held in detention without charges for five days before moving him to Kano earlier this week.
The police in Kano arraigned him before Hassan Fagge on December 19, but ordered his remand and scheduled today for bail hearing.
But when the court opened at about 9:42 am Friday on that Friday, Mr Fagge said he had determined that he lacked the power to hear the homicide charges brought against Mr Adeyanju by the police, but said the political activist should be remanded in prison until February 6 when a higher court could be available to hear the matter but Adeyanju is still held in prion.

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