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The Seeming Victory Of Buhari Is A Clear Testimony To What Illiteracy Can Do To A Modern Day Polity- Joseph Edgar

The seeming and imminent victory of Buhari is a clear testimony to what illiteracy can do to a modern day polity.

A democracy where positions and leaders are chosen by a clear majority of the unlettered led by the shallow prisms of hunger, ethnicity and religious affiliations you can only begin to see what is unfolding in todays Nigeria.

So to Atiku and the rest of us, the battle is not to build citadels of knowledge with school fees as high as mountains but to democratize education by crashing these fees and making them accessible to all Nigetians only then you will begin to see true democracy.

Our overlords knw this and that is why up north the basic talakawa education sufficient to coral mammoth swaths of the poor into a massive and weaponised voting blocks is the mantra.

Down south our pastors, leaders and corporate giants like them *Tony Elumelu, Oyedepo, Adeboye are busy fooling themselves pushing elitist education to the detriment of the system.

This will continue to bite us until we wake up.

As for today, i am getting ready to take my BATH NAKED IN PUBLIC as i vowed and the shame will be on these fools who have the platform to do better but continue in their utter stupidity. Mshewww

Duke of Shomolu

Oh lord can this cup pass over me

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