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Kenya Policeman Shots Girlfriend 47 Times For Dumping Him After Sponsoring Her Education

A disappointed Policeman in Kenya has been arrested for reportedly shooting dead his lover who he financed through school for dumping him.

  According to reports, the AP brought the lady from the village where she lived with her mother to the city. It was also reported that the AP took it upon himself to enrol her in college and foot her fees until she graduated while he was also taking care of her mother.
Immediately after her graduation, trouble was said to have started when she started to shun the AP claiming he was not her type.
  Few months after graduation, the lady discovered her so-called “class” and described the AP Officer as a D- product and wanted him to let her go her ways.
She met her untimely death when the AP deceitfully invited her over to his house to dialogue about breakup condition and he ended up pumping 47 bullets into her tiny body.

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