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My Gay Experience- Joseph Edgar

This boy was angelic. His eyes could melt a rock. His skin was supple and his fingers lithe.
He walked me thru the store. I had gone to seek for a space in the upscale boutique in VI that housed some of the most glamorous Nigerian designers. MUDI had sent me there to get space for him.
As he took me round he kept staring. He watched me so closely and at some point stood so close that I could feel his warm breath on my face.
He asked for my details ostensibly to reach out as soon as they got space.
He called to ask how  I was and wanted to know a little more about me. look at this boy o. Me The Duke, he wanted to know more about me.
I said ok o. I told him that i was a philanderer and a sorcerer. He laughed. As the days progressed, he started sending me his pictures and was he fine?
He was mulatto and Igbo. He was cute almost like a girl and his dress style was quirky and adorable.
He had fallen in love with me. That was the shocker that greeted me one morning.  I had sweet lips and my eyes melted him. Duchess Didnt tell me all these.
He wanted me. I begged to be educated. How does a man love another man. How would he make love to me. I begged to be explained to.
My sense of humour was the attraction. I was cute even as an older man and he liked the sense of danger dt hovered around me. He wanted me to be his man.
By this time he had started sending me gay porn and wanted me to say i loved him.
One day, he started crying not understanding why i was not responding. He asked for my picture as he needed some kind of connection.
I told him point blank. That I was the Duke of Shomolu and that i had not finished my mission with women on this earth talkless of starting with men.
I reminded him that i was about 50 and that he could be my son and as such even if i was gay i would not add paedophile to my tag.
I begged him to find a cure that this was sick. That he needed help and that out of all people, it was me he wanted to f...k. Kai i begged him to Google me that what he saw there would make him get over me.
He got offended and told me that in his world men begged him and he didnt understand me. I told him in my own world, i was the DUKE and would not go poking little boys.
I dropped and blocked him but not before i prayed for his little soul while cursing the big men who have destroyed this life.

 Duke of Shomolu
 He just crossed my mind and I prayed for him.

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