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Nigerian Girl Who Attended High End Schools Discovered As A Drug Addict In The Streets

Again, a sad story of drug addiction and prostitution among young ladies has taken a centre stage as a Nigerian girl simply identified as Lizzy has been discovered in Ikeja area of Lagos State in one one the worst situation that couldn't be imagined 

Lizzy is a 26 year old who allegedly attained her primary and secondary education at Caleb and Vivian Fowler respectively but fell into the never ending rabbit hole of drug addiction.

In a now viral video, we see Lizzy telling viewers her stories of woe while being followed around the streets as she begs for money and later explains that she uses the money to purchase drugs and fuel her addiction. She further states that after begging during the day, she still engages in prostitution at night in order to be able to afford her expensive habits as her drugs of choice are heroine and crack cocaine which she was introduced to by an ex-boyfriend. She concludes the video by emotionally indicating that she is tired of that life and wants out.

Her cry for help has been answered as she has now been taken off the street by Tony Rapu’s foundation and admitted into rehabilitation center for adequate medical and mental health care.

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