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'It’s Going To Be Four Years Of Hard Work, Commitment To The Rule Of Law', Gbajabiamila Assured

**the office of the speaker is the office for everybody
Akiolu urges return of Lagos properties

By Eniola Daniel

 The Speaker of House of Representative, Femi Gbajabiamila has assured that his tenure as the speaker of the Green Chamber will be spent to improve the lot of Nigerians, dedicated to hard work and uphold the rule of law. The speaker made the declaration when he paid a visit to the Oba of Lagos, Ridwan Akiolu in his palace.

Gbajabiamila who was at the Lagos State governor office, Alausa to meet with the state governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu before paying the Lagos monarch, said, “the office of the speaker is the office for everybody, myself and my deputy intend to use that office to benefit all Nigerians. We will look at the request of Lagos State and we will do everything legally possible to make sure all the requests from Lagos State are meant but there will be request from other states too, we will look at those also within the legal context and acceptability.

It’s going to be four years of hard work, commitment to the rule of law, commitment and dedication to the people of Nigeria. There are lot of problems in Nigeria today, it takes committed and visionary leadership which I believe that with the combine the years of experience of myself and my deputy, you are looking at 30 years of legislative experience and I believe we will use those 30 years of experience to better the lot of Nigerians.

This is my first time coming home after my election; from the airport to Alausa, to the palace the reception tells me that there is a lot of expectation and they say to whom much is given, from him much is expected and we intend to meet such expectations even beyond the call of duty.

Many of these people in 2015 went to Abuja expecting that they will be going back with the speakership, many of them left Abuja with long faces and tears, four years later, this same people came to Abuja with the expectation that they would come home with the Speakership and they left with tears of joy.

On his part, Oba of Lagos, Ridwan Akiolu said, “I assure everyone that voted for him that they have made a very good choice, I'm not surprised; the Speaker's late father was a gentle man to the core, even as a magistrate he was full of wisdom and he was a good leader and that is why God has rewarded him

Those who did not vote for you will all come and be your friend. We made constructive criticism of the government while we were inside. Somebody said the NASS will be a rubber stamp of Buhari, they did not understand, God has given us a honest, intelligent, calm working and very meticulous leaders in this country now and all will be well now. I have to remind everyone to be close to God. Use your position for the development of Nigeria and Lagos State in particular . I urge you that you should remember the child of who you are and do not let the luxury of the office change you.

We have catalogue of request from the Federal Government, massive expectation and all the Lagos State government properties taken away be military fiat to be returned to us. I have a document in possession showing the properties from CMS Grammar School including the First Bank building; by the time I will start with them, I don’t need the money to do anything than the improvement of our people. If they corporate with me, all will be well but if they didn’t corporate , I’m a lawyer by profession and I enjoy wahala (trouble) with anybody.

"To us in Lagos State, I say it always that Bola Ahmed Tinubu is a special blessing for us. I always say that I’m not a politician, I’m not in any party but I’m a politician by excellence, the mare fact that I’m the Oba of Lagos is politics. I never have hatred for PDP but I will always say the best for Lagos and Nigeria and that was what I told Musiliu Obanikoro that he has nowhere to go but to come back home and I’m happy that he’s back home. All our security and economy challenges, I made some suggestion about 35 years ago to the then Military head of state on how to provide security and he asked if I want the resources of the nation to come to Lagos. It’s not all the Fulani that are bad but only few. As I told the governor on Thursday, Sanwo-Olu because we are security conscious and I made some suggestions.

It is God who made Lagos the leader and I’m pleading with all of you lawmakers to help ensure that everything that belongs to Lagos return to Lagos.

Akiolu added, “I want to beg the FG to equip all the states in Nigeria and let them have enough money to do what they want. I tell people what is on the ground, not what they want to hear.

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