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Nigeria @ 59: Nigeria Is Far From Independence, Says Activist

ERUDITE activist and Lead campaigner of #EndSARS, Segun Awosanya popularly known as Segalink @segalink has said Nigeria is far from independence it claimed to achieved 59 years ago.

Awosanya said this in a series of tweets on his official twitter in response to Nigeria 59th Independence celebration, stating that the country is under the worst of aberrations ruining lives.

He said, “Today should be a day of colourful celebration when we tell our children stories about the labors of our heroes past and how we are working to build on it. But sincerely, Nigeria is far from independence and we are not free. We are under the worst of aberrations ruining lives.”

Most of our respected voices have assumed the “siddon look” position in fear of being harassed, violated and persecuted for speaking the truth. Govt has lost their conscience and ruined our institutions with the installation of their demagogues. They no longer serve Nigeria.”

Our mortally incapacitated President and his identity politics of hate agenda are set Nigeria back by decades to some age circa pre-independence. Look at the spate of fraudulent transactions in Govt and how nothing is progressing except frauds. Heard about Azura IPP yet?

“Embezzlement says more about the country’s leader than the thieves. People will only take from you as much as you allow. Also, a bad government says more about the people than the violent prevaricator terrorizing the populace. It all ends when we collectively #RiseAsOne”

The day of storytelling will come. Not the time, not the place. Even the weather is miserable this morning & I’m still in mourning of my friend @MrStanleyNwabia, who fought a good fight & was taken away from us by the very same institutional gap we have been working to bridge.

“The best we can do is celebrate our heroes and those who have refused to be cowed. Our socio-political space is wildly irritating and infinitely complicated. It is a mockery of everything divine. We have a mental gap to bridge. We need to save generations from weaponized poverty!”

“Your security operatives are treating soon to be compensated terrorists like kings and abusing the rights of active citizens, whose only crime was demanding accountability from the people they stampeded to power. You should be worried. #EndImpunity #FreeAllPoliticalPrisoners”

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