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Over 70% of students admitted had fake credentials, says FUOYE

Why medical, acceptance fees are reviewed- FUOYE
By Eniola Daniel
THE management of Federal University Oye-Ekiti (FUOYE), has explained reasons for a recent review of the institution's medical and acceptance fees. It also picked holes in National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS), threat to disrupt academic activities on the twin campuses of FUOYE on account of unfounded allegation of fees' hike.
   The University management through the Director of Administration in the VC's Office Mr. Olatunbosun Odusanya, said that it is curious that such threat had come from NANS and not students of FUOYE when indeed, NANS president, Akpan Bamidele, had recently, after the September 10 protest, in a peace meeting with FUOYE Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Kayode Soremekun, praised the VC and management for maintaining cordial and caring relationship with students.
  According to the school’s spokesman, Godfrey Bakji, said: " FUOYE hasn't put up any significant increment of fees, except for medical and acceptance fees for justifiable causes. Our medical fees now has to be N10,000 while the acceptance fee is now N50,000.
"Fees in Federal universities are usually not unilaterally fixed. There are levels of consultations among stakeholders, which has been ongoing.

"As to whether we can cope with a lower acceptance fee because we are a Federal University, this is not true, because the University met many uncompleted projects and we have had to complete them from our meagre resources. Examples include the Central Administration,  the three-In-Laboratory where we were given only half the sum by government. There is also the newly completed hostel and the Engineering Workshop in Ikole among other projects.
   " There are so many developmental projects going on in the two campuses of FUOYE and whatever we do in Oye we have to repeat them in Ikole.
"We should look at what is currently obtainable in other universities. Acceptance fees in a State University for instance, is currently N57,000 generally for their students. For medical and engineering students, their acceptance fees is over N100,000 currently. Ours is not even near such amount.
" Besides, on daily basis, we have to expend more money in managing the university, and getting so many projects done as demanded by our students. We put on the generator as early as 6am and put them off at 10pm on daily basis and we all know the cost of diesel.
Apart from acceptance fee and medical fees that we have found so imperative to increase, we haven't increased any fees outside what has been on ground. Any fees that is likely to be extra are fees at the department and faculty levels which have been suggested for practical workshops," he said.
   Explaining further on the review of medical fees, Bajki said: "The medical fees were supposed to have been increased since last session because we had since then discovered that for a comprehensive medical check up, including Packed cell volume,  Genotype, blood grouping, urinalysis, toxicology test, refraction (eye test), breast examination  and chest xray among others, the charges for each students should even be N15,000, but the university has made effort to subsidize the medical fees because as we can all find out, things have generally become costly compared to what was obtainable one or more years before.
" Again, on Acceptance fees, we were shocked to learn that in a first generation university, over 70 per cent of those admitted in a particular year had fake credentials. So what to do is to prevent a repeat on our own Campus, we contacted a professional verifier who charges N10,000 per student so as to prevent this scourge. And that is why you can see that in our last screening exercise for prospective students, we have already put in place mechanism to prevent candidates with fake credentials from coming in. Thus far, the outcomes have been mind boggling.
" The figures are not looking good at all in terms of what is being spent to maintain the hostels and what the students pay. And as if to indicate the mischief in the write-up, reference was made to the last protest by the Students. Even the students themselves  implicitly acknowledged that the University continues to do its best in the area of power supply. And according to them, their problem is with the BEDC which didn't provide power to the  University towns of Oye and Ikole.
" While efforts have been made to contain epileptic power supply on Campus, which has been a very costly venture in the two campuses, the towns of Oye and Ikole remain unattended to, hence the students' protest.
  Most of the Roads on the two campuses remain untarred. And the Government in view of its various commitments is not forthcoming at least for now. So, the burden also falls on the University. Only the Ekiti State Government has come forth by awarding a Contract to take care of 500 metres on one Campus and we are very grateful for this.
 " Meanwhile, there is the deficit of around 20 kilometers to take care of. So, while we acknowledge the public spiritedness of our critics, they will always do well to dwell on the larger picture and reality which the University has to contend with. The NANS posture and  intrusion give fillip to suggestions that external forces are working with some elements in NANS to frustrate development of FUOYE.
FUOYE is ready and willing to discuss with stakeholders including friends of FUOYE wherever they are. NANS will do well to use more of this opportunity in the future, " he said.

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